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Read about interesting developments, enjoy the humor, learn something valuable, and discover the creativity of some amazing supply chain leaders. No supply chain is perfect and change happens.

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Supply Chains... "The Secret Sauce"
with your host Wade Wickus

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Supply Chains… ”The Secret Sauce” to business Podcast
The goal of the show is to help new leaders of supply chains by sharing practical experience from seasoned leaders in supply chain.   From Startups to leadership skills, to practical solutions to everyday problems… we focus on real issues & interesting stories.

Wade Wickus is a professional speaker and is available to speak with your team, your company or event. 

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About the host: 

Wade has over 30 years of supply chain experience. He has presented at CSCMP, EFT events, Manhattan software company events, Sysco company events, and Hunt Brothers Pizza events. He is currently writing a book about supply chain. He is passionate about simplifying and reducing duplication (waste) in the world’s supply chains. 

Events & Discussions

Article: Parcel Today Magazine – “Calculating Your Total Cost to Serve”  February 2021

Speaker at the Parcel & Fulfillment Show, Cincinnati, OH 2022

Podcasting from IFT FIRST show, McCormick Center, Chicago, IL 2022

Podcasting from the Parcel Forum, Chicago, IL  2022

Article: Inbound Logistics Magazine – Coming Soon…

Upcoming Podcast Guests: 

Private Company Supply Chain Leader

An investor and entrepreneur with a view of supply chain. 

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Core Themes of the Podcast

The joy of podcasting is being able to share connections and winning strategies from amazing practitioners with others.

We’ll be talking about real life issues or experiences that have happened, how some people have overcome those challenges, and how some have learned from their mistakes from warehouse equipment, staffing, construction, logistics, warehousing, routing, to leading. Laughing and learning all the way!

Reviewing different technologies & processes:

What impact does technology have on a company?  How can it effect culture and effectiveness?

What causes implementation to go well in 99% of the cases?

What drives supply chain integrity and engagement? 

What types of TMS, WMS, ERP, PIM or other systems are essential for a business today? Do you need the “bells & whistles” version or the scaled back version?  

How do you create a high performance warehouse team that shows up and exceeds goals?

Why is it so important to connect the sales pipeline information to your supply chain?

Most importantly, why is supply chain team coaching so important today? (Engagement & Continuous Improvement)